Scope of business
Scope of business
Ship owning and operation Ship owning and operation

Currently, INLACO SAIGON is owing and operating the fleet of 07 vessels ranging from 6.000 -> 34.000 deadweight tons, including:

Every year INLACO SAIGON plans to increase the fleet tonnage with 25.000 DWT/year (see the Fleet for further information)

Moreover, INLACO SAIGON charter vessels from and/or charter out vessels to other foreign shipping companies under "bare boat basis", "time charter"

Contact Operation Dept: or call : 84-28-39433770 -76




Inlaco Express, DWT: 34.096 DWT

Inlaco Bright, DWT: 23.592 MT

Inlaco Accord, DWT: 23.986 MT


Thanh Thuy, DWT: 6.596 MT

Thanh Ba, DWT: 7.445 MT

Aquamarine, DWT 6.516 MT
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