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Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service Providers Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service Providers

INLACO SAIGON is one of the leading crew manning companies of Vietnam thanks for its appropriate crew manning policies.

Partners of INLACO SAIGON in crew manning are ship ownwers of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, … In the future, INLACO SAIGON is planning to seek more partners from European countries.

INLACO SAIGON has a team of highly qualified and experienced staff and experts working on crew manning field.INLACO SAIGON’s officer and crew who are well trained, qualified, professional, full responsible and good at foreign language are ready for serving on any vessels to all requirements of ship owners at suitable rates.

INLACO SAIGON has Seamen Section which includes 02 crew manning departments as well as the involvement of 03 branches with 24 staff members:

1. Crew manning Dept                       : 08 persons
2. Tanker crew Dept                          : 06 persons

* Our all 03 branches take part in crew manning:

1. Haiphong Branch                           : 09 persons
2. Hanoi Branch                                : 03 persons
3. Nghe An & Thanh Hoa Branch         : 03 persons

Besides, Crew Training Committee, including sea going experienced Captains and C/E, is in charge of crew training activities.


As requirement of MLC 2006, comes into effect from 20th Aug., 2013, INLACO SAIGON has got ISO & SRPS Certificate issued by Class NK for its recruitment and placement service.



INLACO SAIGON has also got SRPS Certificate issued by Vietnam Maritime Adminiatration (VINAMARINE)



INLACO SAIGON had 1,057 seafarers by 31st Dec., 2017, working on 25 dry cargo vessels and 27 chemical tankers.


Company’s policy:

-   Setting up clear recruitment procedure. Top priority is to recruit students newly graduated from Maritime universities, colleges, schools. Signing long-term labour contract with seafarers.

-    Paying attention to crew training, offering good conditions to seafarers to improve professional and language ability, such as giving them time, tuition, training allowance for their courses (upgrading, officer of operational level, management level, fitter, bosun, English), giving chance to be trained onboard as D/CDT, E/CDT or trained for promotion on Inlaco Saigon’s own vessels.

-  Selecting potential shipowners and keep good relation with traditional customers. Inlaco Saigon supplied the 1st Vietnamese seafarers for the 1st Japanese principal (INLACO JAPAN CO., LTD.) in Feb. 1993. The 1st seafarers worked for Inlaco Saigon until they retired and we still have manning agreement with our 1st customer. Inlaco Saigon has also supplied Vietnamese seafarers for VLCC, Product tankers and chemical tankers of NISSHO SHIPPING/ JX SHIPPING/ JX OCEAN CO., LTD. AND NISSHO ODYSSEY/ NEW OCEAN SHIPMANAGEMENT PTE. LTD. for 20 years. We have extended our business to Korean Principals.

-    Keep sequent negotiation with shipowners to protect seafarers’ rights.

Maintaining annual crew & crew family conferences, to learn directly opinions and wishes from crew and crew family. Being responsible for the welfare of seafarers’ family and themselves (present for wedding, birth to baby, lunar New Year, Day of Seafarers; offerings to seafarers’ deceased parents/wife/children; paying visit to the seafarers’ ill parents/wife/children, award for seafarers of merit in working, studying, etc.).

(Contact Crew Manning Dept.: and Tanker Crew Dept.: or call : 84-28-39433770 - 76)

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